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The things you’d like to sell probably do not belong in a Shopify store. Shop is designed from the ground up with creators in mind. Whether it’s a 1-1 Zoom call, art commissions, or an ebook, Shop is for you.

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Buy Me a Coffee makes it easy to publish free and exclusive content. Try different formats such as audio, and make it members-only to drive more memberships.


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We don't call them "customers" or transactions. They are your supporters.

You have 100% ownership of your supporters. We never email them, and you can export the list any time you like.

You get to talk to a human for help, or if you just like some advice to hit the ground running.

You get paid instantly to your bank account. No more 30-day delays.

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Not just a membership

Creators who previously only used Patreon noticed a massive increase in earnings after accepting one-off payments.

6 new languages

We now support Spanish, French, Italian, German and Ukrainian—making it easier for your global audience to support you.

Email marketing

Instead of paying separately for email marketing tools like Mailchimp, send unlimited emails to your fans for free.

Being friendly converts

ICYMI, we make it simple and fun for your supporters. While you cannot put a number on feelings, it tends to show on the results.

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Receive fan support safely without disclosing your identity or address. We’ll do the heavy-lifting.