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Latest changes on mvsep.com

Latest changes on mvsep.com

Aug 18, 2021

Hello, everyone. There are some useful updates on mvsep.com:

  • Updated software and site code. Splitting tracks is faster and more stable. Our backend crashes are less and less common.

  • Added a new splitting algorithm called UnMix. The algorithm has 4 models "umxXL", "umxHQ", "umxSD", "umxSE". The highest quality is the first "umxXL". According to the first tests, the voice separates a little worse than the spleeter, but the instruments are better. In any case, a large field is now open for experimenting with tracks.

  • The page with the split results has been redesigned: an original track has been added, it is convenient to compare from one page. Added information on sharing settings, displays information on the uploaded file, ID3 tags and an image (if any).

Examples of separation based on the new algorithm:
umxXL: Monk Turner Fascinoma - Its Your Birthday
umxHQ: Robin Grey - These Days
umxSD: Brad Sucks - Total Breakdown
umxSE: Paper Navy - Swan Song

And finally, some statistics. About 600-750 tracks are divided on the site per day. And for all the time, more than 300,000 tracks have been split. Moving towards a million.

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