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#72 Who are THEY? Randstad

#72 Who are THEY? Randstad

Dec 06, 2022

Good Morning, Good Evening listeners of Good Morning BSS World podcast. Today I have for you a podcast from the series of “Who are THEY?”, in which I do talk with CEOs about their businesses. Usually this podcast is run in Polish, but this time we go in English.

Special guest of today’s show is Henri Viswat – the CEO of Randstad Poland. I had a pleasure to talk to Henri and find out more about the company he runs in Poland. From 72nd episode of Good Morning BSS World podcast you will find out:

-          When Randstad was established

-          When the company started to be present in Poland

-          What are Randstad’s services

-          Who are company’s clients

And some other useful information.

Grab some coffee, sit comfortable or just click play and listen to this podcast and find our mor of who Randstad is!



Useful links:

Randstad Poland’s web page for Employees - https://www.randstad.pl

Randstad Poland’s web page for Employers - https://www.randstad.pl/dla-pracodawcy/

Randstad Poland on LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/company/randstad-polska/

Henri Vistwat on LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/henriviswat/

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