Honoring my ancestors is non-negotiable.

Honoring my ancestors is non-negotiable.

May 14, 2021

There is no quantifying the hours of my life + years of study I've devoted towards reclaiming this lineage medicine. I want to hold space for the perspective some hold - that paying for hours of labor is transactional - without that invalidating my own experience: which is that working for free is how I and my people have been exploited.

White people make millions of $$ selling Chinese medicine, qigong, guasha (crystal face rollers in particular), cupping, yoni eggs (traditionally they are jade eggs from Daoist metaphysical + sexual cultivation practice), etc.

I'm going into steep debt to reclaim the Chinese medicine folkways, even as white acupuncturists/qigong instructors make bank and stay silent while our elders die in the streets. My ancestors internalized deep self-hate around our Old Magic as backwards and inferior, and it's been my life's work to exorcise that from our DNA. My traditional Chinese medicine classes, textbooks, and qigong certifications cost money - they only accept USD.

I maintain a sliding scale knowing that racial capitalism manufactures poverty, and I also need to be clear that I am not an heiress with unlimited resources. I am firm in my faith that I can welcome ethical abundance without selling my soul, and by receiving enough to meet my own needs, I can generously redistribute. 

When I value the qi of each minute I am breathing, I am honoring them within me. When I receive resources I do not cede ownership of myself or become a commodity - I am receiving offerings at the ancestral altar that is my body. Those offerings feed my cells, where my ancestors live.

My grandpa ate off the plates he bussed as a waiter. 

I will not let him, me, or my inner children go hungry any more.

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