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Wondering about... Progress in Kids

Wondering about... Progress in Kids

Mar 15, 2024

It's such a weird thing to think about, but progress really does take all different shapes and forms. 

We just had our second parents night of the year for our three kids, and the final one for our oldest before high school. 

When parents with multiple kids say “they're just so different” - it's true. Our kids all look very much like siblings, so similar in appearance, yet they are wildly different (one of the teachers the other night even said so, despite only teaching 2 of them).

Their progress is also so different, and I love it. A big step for one, may have been automatic for the other. So we are proud of them all, equally, but for different things. The common factor is we love them all, no matter what. 

Give your kids time to show you the progress they are ready to make. It may look different to them than what you're expecting, but it'll happen.


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