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Wondering about... consistency

Wondering about... consistency

Apr 19, 2024

...or lack thereof!

It's true that habits, routine and consistency help life to be easier for most of us. But trying to prioritise - that's the rub!

We've been getting used to me being on different work shifts for the past month, and some things have dropped from my focus while I've been adjusting. But it's OK. We all need time to adapt to change. Not everyone can roll with the punches as quickly.

Sometimes, we may wonder why we're not better yet, faster yet, stronger yet; we think we "should" have improved or healed by now. Life doesn't work like that.

The key word there is "yet". It's such a sweet, yet irritating word. As impatient as we can be in the process of change, we need to cut ourselves some slack - you'll get there! At some point, you will. And I know that I will too. I just might not be there yet.


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