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Wondering about... 5th November

Wondering about... 5th November

Nov 05, 2021

I wonder how many times we'll hear Katy Perry this Guy Fawkes Day. Remember, Remember, the 5th of November, gunpowder, politics, and we've lost the plot!  

Glasgow’s Annual Fireworks display is cancelled as COP26 continues to rule the Glaswegian roost. If the road closures, thousands of protestors, unauthorised boats making their sweet oblivious way up the Clyde (thereby disrupting hundreds of commuters in the process), and don’t even get me started on that mania that happened with a certain Swedish teenager graced our city with her presence – as much as Glasgow is a hub of the United Nations, it’s in chaos. This is how we parents end up feeling like fireworks, just waiting to go bang in spectacular fashion after a long (and often noisy) journey to losing their cool. But anyway, rant over... 

Last year, my wife and I took the kids on a drive on Bonfire Night. It was 2020, and lockdowns/local restrictions were still all over the place, so we decided to say stuff it, and we drove around the local area to see what we could see. Dressed in their jammies, and armed with a box of TimBits, we took ourselves on a little journey through Renfrewshire to see whatever fireworks were being set off.  

It was probably one of the easiest (and cheapest!) adventures we’d ever been on. Usually, we would join the rest of the 50,000 people who descend upon Glasgow Green to watch the free annual display. In previous years, that’s been the marker of when it’s acceptable to started actively listening to Christmas music – after Guy Fawkes’. This year, I’ve been breaking that pattern out of sheer rebellion (I blame Pentatonix). And to add to this rebellion, I’ve now also bought another Christmas decoration at Dobbies Garden Centre, which should be categorised as an official Christmas Hub in the next few weeks.  

But for now, before we get carried away with the season of red, let’s just cross off the season of orange first. Let Autumn continue in true firework, pumpkin-spice & maple fashion. 

I hope you have a safe and wonderful Guy Fawkes Night! 

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