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extending my giveaway until march 30th!

extending my giveaway until march 30th!

Mar 01, 2021

hi! hoping for more people to join my little art giveaway.

deadline: 30th march 2021
prize: a solo bust-up portrait (you can choose a style from my commission sheet!)

to enter, do at least one of the following within 4th feb - 30th march 2021 (PHT):

  1. claim an item from my extras tab.

  2. buy me at least one cup of coffee.

keep in mind that no one's required to spend for this giveaway. it is open for everyone, creator or not!

2-20 participants: 1 winner
21-40 participants: 2 winners
41 or more participants: 3 winners

i'll be contacting the participants via e-mail. i'll be sending your entry number on or before march 30, 2021 (yes, i get to keep track of my supporters' e-mail on this platform. just so everyone's aware of this!)

lastly, not required but i would really appreciate it if you follow me on BMC and Instagram, subscribe to my lil YouTube channel, and commission me. ☕️

thanks for joining my first BMC giveaway! know that i'm always grateful for your support.

-wanda 🌼

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