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art giveaway!

art giveaway!

Feb 02, 2021

updated giveaway details
(**i've moved the deadline to 30th march (PHT)!)

hi, BMC peeps! as promised, here's a mini giveaway for the whole community! 🎉

each winner* gets a solo bust-up portrait. you can choose from the three art styles in my commission menu.

*2-20 participants: 1 winner
21-40 participants: 2 winners
41 or more participants: 3 winners

to enter, do at least one of the following within 4th feb - 28th feb 2021** (PHT):

  1. claim an item from my extras tab.

  2. buy me at least one cup of coffee.

this is open for everyone! i'll contact the winner/s via e-mail.

lastly, not required but i would really appreciate it if you follow me on BMC and Instagram, subscribe to my lil YouTube channel, and commission me. ☕️

thanks for joining my first BMC giveaway! know that i'm always grateful for your support.

-wanda 🌼

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