No forgiveness for Amnesty πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦

No forgiveness for Amnesty πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦

Aug 05, 2022

It would be much easier for me to stay here posting about the bright side of life or the nature of Ukraine, but it's necessary to talk about Amnesty International.

As everyone knows by now, after receiving millions of donations this half-year of war, this organization released a cynical report blaming Ukrainians and our army for defending ourselves from a genocidal invasion. It also despised our president and our honored minister Dmytro Kuleba, one of the most notable diplomats of our time.

It's not necessary to go into the details of the abominable report that sounds more like a Russian propaganda than a serious document. They seem to ignore all the atrocities committed by Russians as if the invasion itself would not be enough.

Not a word about targeting civilians, residential buildings, hospitals, culture centers, theatres, schools, kindergardens, the list is endless. Everything that somehow is considered civilian infrastructure could be listed here.

These organizations like Amnesty have built a business based on monetary donations from good, kind and generous people around the world. Their turn human kindness into a business, acting fraudulently by not delivrering them to those who are most in need. Instead, they take advantage of the generosity from donors, who many times donate the little they have at their disposal believing they are relieving someone else's desperation.

Besides, being based on New York, London or Geneva, organizations like Amnesty International, Red Cross and Medecins Sans Frontiers have to pay their staff wages and benefits that meet the standards of living of some of the most expensive cities on Earth. A couple of coffees in these amazing but costly places often amounts more than a month of salary of the average citizen from the zones they announce charity.

I can categorically declare that most of these organizations have, if any, a weak presence in Ukraine. Most of the expenses with humanitarian aid are honored by the remaining resources from Ukrainian people and Ukrainian State. Sometimes, they are more interested on producing impacting footages to broadcast in TV or social media than developing real aid actions.

Executives living the good life in the capitals of the world certainly don't know the sound of a missile or the smell from a burned apartment, but they still feel entitled to report about Ukraine as if they'd be here.

Like most Ukrainians, I understand what means both. And that's why I appeal to everyone who wants to donate money to Ukraine: do that directly to our institutions, to our army or directly to Ukrainians instead of financing this shameful business based on people's goodwill.

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