May Shop Updates

May Shop Updates

May 12, 2023

April was inactive due to PC issues, I had to get a new PC and then that PC had some issues, it was unfortunate, anyway, let's move on!

New Products:

I have a couple of readings slotted to come out for June as well and I am working on possibly offering more spell books. There is more I want to do if only I can find the time. The upcoming spellbooks may not be in the format y'all have come to be used to, they may be simple pdf booklets that I can put together. I have a lot of spells I have done that I have gutted out and reformated to be the same spell just a different incantation (basically to protect any personal info in the original incantation). I want to put these out there. I also have an idea for an actual book? I don't know about that, but we'll see!

I will go on record to saying that I am really really looking forward to doing the Ancestor's Influence reading for others, I think that it is a really great reading, I'm so happy with how it came out and I am so happy with how my reading with it came out. I love it.

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