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Chapter 04, Episode 02, Arva Rice

Chapter 04, Episode 02, Arva Rice

May 03, 2024

Although I haven't read Adriane Tomine's The Loneliness of The Long-Distance Cartoonist, I can get a sense of it while working on my own novel. I don't want to elaborate on the isolation of working on a long-form graphic novel. I feel that I keep talking about it at every drop of the hat. I would rather talk about if this really has to be a lonely task. There are masters like Nadeem Aslam who write books closed in a dark room for years, and when that writing sees the light of day, it makes up for all the hours sitting buried in the blinds. I am not Nadeem Aslam; heck, I am not even the doormat in his room. I am finding it tough these days to work on my novel. I wish there were a magazine somewhere that was willing to publish my novel in a serialised manner so that I could be more accountable and have no other option but to have pages finished in time. That option is not there. But I do have this platform, and I do have a few friends who have always been supportive of my work. That should suffice. I am going to take this leap of faith and put my pages up here for you to read, share, and converse about.

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