Where do programmers go to find jobs

Where do programmers go to find jobs

Nov 17, 2021

I often get asked where the best place to find jobs is for a programmer. Is it on some online job board that often quote having 10,000,000 available openings? Or maybe it's through a recruiter that calls you up weekly with jobs that don't quite match your skill set (or level)?

I've done all of those in my time. And truthfully, it's kind of a hit or miss. Job boards "sometimes" have actually useful and real results. But many a time, the listings aren't actually real and are mainly designed to capture your email and personal information. And some recruiters are really good at their jobs while others will send you to interview at places where you clearly don't belong.

But there are better ways to find real jobs out there in the world today. So I will highlight a few of those ways, many which I've used in the past myself to some success.


This is one of my favorite sites when it comes to job hunting for a number of reasons, such as:

  • Fully remote job positions

  • Catered to developers, designers, other tech fields

  • Real companies (not recruiting firms)

  • Frequently updated

The key standout features here being that these are real jobs from real companies, which is not that easy to come by on the larger job boards. As I mentioned before, often times those super saturated job boards merely show you scraped listings (typically outdated) in the hopes that you will fill out the form so that they can capture your email information.

And with the whole world finding itself working from home more and more these days, this is the perfect place look.

StackOverflow Careers

If you've never actually clicked on one of those StackOverflow job ads that appear on the side of every question, then I'd ask you to reconsider because SO actually has a pretty decent board to browse through.

You can find the board right over here.

From the looks of things, they have a very robust filtering system that let's you specify everything from salary expectations to skill level and there are well over a 1000+ listings live at any one time.

Applying to the actual jobs is also relatively straight forward, especially if you are already logged in to StackOverflow. Your basic information is pulled directly from your current profile and resumes can be uploaded directly through your local machine or through Google Drive.

And since most developers spend some portion of the day visiting StackOverflow regardless, it's pretty convenient to have the job listings just a button click away.

Corporate Job Boards

Before you check out a random job board on the internet (except for the two mentioned above), you will probably get the best luck with the actual companies themselves.

Every large company has a careers page hidden somewhere on their official website. And you can typically get there by Googling it.

Here's an example using the popular note taking app Notion. I'm a big fan of Notion for the most part and I use their app almost every single day for everything from research to my day to day work. So (if I were on the market), I would not mind landing myself a job there.

Lucky for me, I could if I wanted to. Because if you look on their official job board on their website:


You would see that they are indeed hiring. And hiring alot from the looks of things.

And the same is true for most tech companies out there today. Everyone is growing at an exponential rate, mainly due to the fact that people are at home and using the internet more than ever before. That means more finance and essentially more jobs for these companies.

So before you drop your valuable email on a random job board online claiming to have 50,000 jobs, do yourself a favor and check out these 3 places first.

Happy job hunting.

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