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SL63x Compressor

SL63x Compressor

Dec 30, 2020

Influenced by the one of the simplest compressors known to man, the SL63x provides quick compression with only a slide of a fader.  Since the compression is program dependent, we added a Input knob for gain staging the audio level into the compressor, which in turn effects how the compressors works.

I have a rack of these compressors and they are great for everything. I generally use them on bass guitar, acoustic guitar, and background vocals.

What people are saying about the SL63x

  • Featured on "The top FREE plug-in in 2019" by SpectreSoundStudios

  • Featured on for 15+ Freeware Alternatives to Premium Plugins

  • Glen Frickler: "I got a pair of dbx160s here in my rack and this guy reminds me of them!"

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Windows 64-bit VST

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