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Time for a change. A migration of sorts.

Time for a change. A migration of sorts.

Dec 05, 2021


I'm changing platforms - migrating over to Patreon...

There are a couple of reasons for this - #1 Buy Me A Coffee no longer supports PayPal - I don't know the reasons, nor can I bear the admin of picking up another online payment platform. AND #2 I've been debating the move for a while - I'd love to be able to upload audio that you can listen to on the post rather than HAVING to download the song every time - and other reasons but reason #1 is the impetus I needed to make the change.

I'd obvs love you to move with me and continue this journey together - and I also totally understand that you may no want the admin of another patron channel. We're all exhausted. And overwhelmed.

For the those of you who've paid for the year in advance - I've got you - I'll either gift you your Patreon membership (if I can figure out how) or I'll email you the posts directly for the rest of the year. I'm so very grateful you're here.

I'll send out another post or email and call it quits over here tomorrow. And then send you the link to my page over there. If you'd like to come onboard that would be rad.

For now, I'm typing this in isolation with my two babies, one of whom has covid. I picked up my uke to sing them a silly song today. Maybe I'll write something on it for you tomorrow as my first for real Patreon post.

Love & music & community & all those good things


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