Astral Travel Discoveries - Don't leave ...

Astral Travel Discoveries - Don't leave your laptop on in bed

Nov 25, 2021

Boy am I always learning the hard way in these realms.

But I feel like it's for a higher purpose, and maybe it's to spread awareness to ya'll

Do not leave your laptop or any electronics in one spot near your personal slumber space for too long!

Here's my Astral Update!

So, I fell asleep... or awake into the astral realm again.

I'm floating in my room as I've just left my body and I see my laptop, or more so the thoughtform of my laptop.

In waking life my laptop was not on my bed. But in the astral realm it left an energetic signature so there was a manifestation of my laptop sitting in the spot where I usually use it.

This is not good guys. Electronics leave imprints easily so it's important that we change positions often if using on our personal space and clearing the matrix that is left from being sedentary.

As we have discussed in the passed, electronics create portals for entities to attach.

But as long as we are sovereign and embodied, nothing stands a chance.

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