Shadowbanned from Reddit? Again?

Shadowbanned from Reddit? Again?

Sep 09, 2023

First, I want to say to my supporters that I appreciate you hanging in there with me while I take care of my elderly mother. She is getting better but it’s been a tough few months trying to get her back on her feet, literally. No one’s life is perfect. Not mine, not yours, and not Shanann’s. The difference in most of us and Shanann is that we don’t attempt to fool the masses into thinking we have a fairytale life. I have a 29 year old daughter that is two thousand miles away from home and beginning her second month in a drug treatment center. She was killing herself with fentanyl. My child is a beautiful mother, daughter and sister who had a privileged life right up until she was prescribed pain medication after a tibia/fibula break two years ago. She quickly fell into a dangerous addiction to prescription medication that resulted in a fentanyl overdose that almost took her life. My life is far from perfect. I need all of the prayers, good vibes and well wishes that I can get. Life is messy but the beauty is in the triumphs over the hardships. 

So, that is where I’ve been the past few months. Some of you have remained subscribed to my blog and some have not. I don’t blame those who have canceled. Times are hard for everyone and I appreciate the support then and now. 

I have begun writing again and I’m close to publishing something new.  I have two young kids and a handful of grandbabies that need me now more than ever. Soon. That’s my promise. I will be covering some of the interesting and perfidious, definitely not talked about, incidentals in this case.  

Despite not posting or commenting in months here on Reddit, I still find my inbox and notifications full of naysayers. Know this! I do not “LIE” about Shanann. Everything I have written is backed up by evidence. Either from Shanann herself and/or her friends/ family members/acquaintances/ex co-workers of hers. I want to address a few of the same old responses that have come into my inbox fairly recently.  Please pay attention.  This is for you, Danabench

Shanann did not make as much money as Chris. Her Le-vel team had gotten her to the $80k tier with the company but at no time did Shanann herself earn $80,000 a year. If you don’t believe me, please see Addy Maloney’s statement to police on page 427-429 in the discovery. I will link it in its entirety below. Shanann was involved in a pyramid scheme. Plain and simple. In the three years that she was involved in Thrive she never earned as much money as Chris.In fact, if you added up what she earned from all three years of her Thrive involvement, it wouldn’t keep pace with Chris’ earnings from Anadarko. Not even close. Every penny that she did earn had to be sunk back into her Thrive inventory. They were drowning in debt. They were on the verge of losing their home when Chris murdered his family in August 2018. She had stacks and stack of Thrive in the basement.  If you are unfamiliar with the price of that product, here you go:

Gtfoh.  $27k worth of this shit in their basement. If you don't know the truth about Le-vel's business model, then hush about how much money you heard she made.  She didn't.  

Chris had no student loan debt. Zero. The bankruptcy filing from 2015 is available online if you need to see it for yourself. 

As for Chris’ carpal tunnel, Shanann just so happened to claim she had the same ailment one month before Chris quit Longmont. Shanann  took the credit for his change in occupations. She claimed that she insisted that he find a new career due to the pain he was experiencing.  It just so happened that Shanann was taking care of Bella all in her own while Chris worked extremely long hours as a mechanic. Shanann worked with a couple of women whose husbands were employed in the oil fields around Denver.  These men worked 12 hour shifts for several days in a row and then had a corresponding number of days off of work.  Much easier for Shanann's life.  Even though Shanann was using Babywise to parent Bella.  Babywise=apathetic parenting.  Apathetic parenting=piece of cake.  

Also, being in the oil industry in the middle of the country is akin to being blue color royalty.  It's a coveted job and is looked up on as a pinnacle of sorts.  We all know Shanann liked to be the envy of others.  Someone, anyone.  

As for who came from a dysfunctional family, it’s clear to anyone that has gone deep into this case, that Shanann’s family was the winner of that particular contest. Shanann’s friends from high school spoke to the media and each and every one of them made remarks about Shanann having a less than ideal home life. Her father had a drinking problem and her mother had a problem with her husband. They bounced back and forth from NJ to NC. They lived with various family members until the late 90s when they moved into the home that the Rzucek’s live in today. Shanann's maternal side of the family have been plagued with run-ins with police, jail sentences, child neglect charges.  In one case, a cousins toddler found a pistol in a bed side table of a hotel room his mother and father had rented and shot himself in the face.  The child lived but his parents were charged and jailed.  

On the flip side, Chris' family lived in the same home his entire life.  He graduated from the same high school that both of his parents and older sister had attended.  Chris and his family attended church every Sunday and both of his parents worked full time jobs to provide for their children.  In the town of Spring Lake, where Chris and his family lived and his parents still live, the community rallied around the Watts family after the murders. His parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins were just good, honest people. Had the Watts been the murderer-raising psychopaths they are portrayed to be by some, the town of Spring Lake would have spoken out about it, in my opinion.  

Once again, no one's life is perfect.  Chris'father, Ronnie Watts, had a short stint with cocaine use in the early 2000s.  Chris' sister had a failed marriage, (who hasn't?) But there were no toddlers with guns in the Watts clan. 

Chris murdered his wife and children and you’d still  be hard pressed to find anyone that had a negative thing to say about him. Right up until and even after committing the crime.  He maintained the same friendships from childhood to adulthood. Without a pyramid scheme keeping them in contact.  Chris’ family wasn’t perfect but if we are comparing who grew up in a more dysfunctional environment, Shanann gets that unfortunate prize.  

Shanann was far from successful. Had she put the same time and energy into a paying job that she did into Thrive, they would have lived comfortably instead of on the brink of a second bankruptcy,  She had depleted all of their resources trying to keep up the facade of a wealthy, stay at home mom/business owner. She had an unhealthy relationship with social media.  Her husband and children suffered because of it.  She sought attention through outward appearances.  A clear sign of a very low self image.  

Through the lense of low self esteem, Shanann became abusive toward her loved ones.  Her parents, her kids and her husband were treated poorly.  This is at the very core of narcissistic personality disorder.  

While none of those things make her THE villain, they do catapult her to the status of A villain, in this sad story.  

Stop using the excuse of Shanann being murdered to defend the shitty person she was when she was alive.  Would Chris have strangled her, thus beginning the chain of tragic events, if Shanann hadn't been such a fucking bitch to everyone that truly cared for her?  Especially him?

No.  I don't believe he would have.  His soft spoken and calm nature wasn't an act.  He was soft spoken and calm. Shanann literally talked about it all the time on social media.  

Grow up and come to terms with the fact that some people foster such a toxic environment in their interpersonal relationships that shit like this happens sometimes. Not saying this was directly Shanann's fault.  She is not to blame for Chris' lack of self control.  But she is to blame for cultivating the bubble of tyranny that existed inside of her home. She had absolute power over everything. Any decision made within that family was made by her and if that was challenged, the consequences were disruptive to and for the family.  

Plato once said that tyranny was "the fourth and worst disorder of a state."  These murders are proof that Plato was correct.  

Yes I think Chris is a weak piece of shit.  He should have stood up for himself and his children before he allowed the pressure of it all to explode in him.  He murdered his fucking kids. I do not support Chris Watts or his actions.  What I do support is the truth about Shanann and why she and her kids became the victims in the most talked about crime of the last decade.  

Show me something, anything,  proving me wrong. I’ll wait.

Christopher and Shanann Watts Bankruptcy Filing, June 2015 - Scribd

So, I wrote this to post in the Watts open discussion sub-reddits. wattsfree4all and wattsmurderstruth. Neither of which would allow me to do that. What's going on over there? Am I banned or shadowbanned again?

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