Alturiak 17, 1362 DR

Alturiak 17, 1362 DR

Apr 10, 2021

We gathered additional supplies and headed back to the last ascent point we were at. It was still under siege, so we took off in some direction on good luck.

The wound itself didn't hurt much anymore but I still felt the piercing inside, especially when riding, and I wasn't sure if he was really a cleric or just a bad herbalist. At least I could rely on the anesthetic from Jhanae.

At Traaskl Thorog, we climbed back up into the Upperdark. Since then, I couldn't shake the feeling that we were being followed by something. Something bigger. But how could it remain so invisible? I shook off the thought for the moment and concentrated with Jhanae on searching further. After a few days, we found a rise in the Deep Reach that didn't seem to be as heavily besieged. 5 guards, 2 praetorians and a sword spider. That sounded manageable. »Can you handle it? Remember you don't have that much stamina anymore!« Jhanae asked anxiously »I have to make it« it came resolutely from me We left the lizard in a small cove and crept closer to the siege. The terrain was unclear. There were a lot of corners where we could hide. But also the enemy. […]

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