Getting ready to launch to South Africa

Getting ready to launch to South Africa

Nov 03, 2021

Hello and welcome...I fly in a week and I am running on empty. However you can help me out in two ways. 1. Pray for my trip, 2. Support my trip and you can buy me as many coffees as you like.

I have booked the PCR test for Monday...and then will also be the start of my new video blogs on YouTube and Facebook.

I have a team member there setting up some appointments and all prayers flying about for divine appointments.

We need to connect with many people to make this vision a mission of a mission (if you know what I mean...haha)

Lawyers, attorney's, land surveyor, architect and land diggers to start terracing.

But for now it's all about connecting the dots and planning.

We are also planning the next group trip which will be next year 2022 and in 2023 our motorcycle trip with 40 riders and open road of 5000km...epic but without these trips we can not survive or even build a chicken coupe.

So in a nutshell I will be juggling many balls for one goal. The orphanage, clinic and multi functional church for a poor and dying people (HIV aids) and now covid19 helping this community in a harsh world.

Project chicken coupe is on the cards for this small mission trip. Watch the channel for more of that later. Remember to like and subscribe to the channel.

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