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Level 1


  • Support me on a monthly basis

  • Access to my close friends story

  • Unlock tabs to all my guitar covers on Instagram (Format: GP 7 and PDF files)

  • Unlock downloadable backing tracks to all my guitar covers on Instagram and YouTube

  • Votes on my upcoming videos

Level 2


  • Unlock at least 3 new monthly guitar lick lessons, and access to all past content

  • Early access to all my YouTube videos! (unlisted links)

  • Access to guitar related assets (scale patterns, warm up exercises, etc)

  • Request songs I will cover/play!

Level 3


  • Unlock 1 monthly exclusive guitar video of myself learning a song/solo

  • Monthly vlog (i.e. band practice, new gear unboxing, guitar stores, concerts)

  • Your name in the credits of my youtube videos

  • Access to a tailored practice routine based on your skill level

  • Sneak peeks of my songwriting

  • All benefits from lower tiers included

Level 4

Обмежена кількість (залишилося 10 з 10)

  • 1-on-1 monthly 60 minute video call!

  • All lower tier benefits included!


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