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Viewpoint diversity is essential to free ...

Viewpoint diversity is essential to free speech in an open society.

Mar 19, 2022

We're all about diversity... Just not viewpoint diversity. "People should be able to put forward viewpoints, ask questions and make mistakes and take unpopular but good-faith positions on issues that society is still working through..."

"Good-faith," is a key feature I find missing in many of the arguments being made to substantiate some of the ludicrous claims espoused in certain circles daily. Unfortunately, just not taking this shit seriously doesn't make it go away. Those who demand we take them seriously–even though their ideas are ridiculous at best, dangerously wrong, at worst–are increasingly exhibiting signs of Authoritarianism.

The very idea that one can not disagree with the orthodox view on this or that particular is, well, authoritarian. Even pointing this out has become commensurate with participating in a kind of speech, that even you might think, ought to be banned. "...only 34 percent of Americans said they believed that all Americans enjoyed the freedom of speech completely." I'm not among them. I don't think anyone 'enjoys free speech.' We talk long-winded shit about it though, don't we? 

"You can’t consider yourself a supporter of free speech and be policing and punishing speech more than protecting it." I can't remember the last time someone stood up for my 'right' to hold an unpopular viewpoint who themselves were not punished for doing so. Not that it has happened a lot, but I do think they have 'learned their lesson.' One last note on this. Isn't it hilarious that we make little groups dedicated to certain ideals that would ordinarily align with free speech but then put ideologically tuned restrictions in place?

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