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A view of the Tenets in Light of an Unde ...

A view of the Tenets in Light of an Understanding of Collective Illusion.

Apr 25, 2022

Bullying others into professing allegiance is neither compassionate nor empathetic.

Becoming outraged and ostracizing those who do not share your particular point of view is not justice.

One's body–and mind–is inviolable, not just one's uterus.

Following the 7 Tenets of TST does not give you "the right to offend." It denies you any freedoms you would deny another.

A Post-structuralist interpretation of the facts is not the best way to understand the world. However, it is ideal for distorting scientific understanding to fit one's beliefs.

Succumbing to collective illusions is a mistake!

Utilizing a narrowly circumscribed view of one tenet to misapprehend another is not noble or wise.

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