Walking the Camino

Walking the Camino

Dec 14, 2021

Hello, this is an introduction post for my journey.

In the beginning of 2021 I came to The Netherlands to volunteer to a foundation for a year, with the intention to learn how to become non formal education trainer for adults and grow my skills. My intention was to work mostly on self development and supporting people and myself to live life in tune, in accordance to our own calling, with fulfilment. That changed early in the year and my focus went more on community life because I thought that community life is supporting symbiosis and alignment with nature and earth, as well as within us and it enhances and promotes this feeling of oneness.

So I started doing study visits in different communities and the first trip I made with a friend, because I was quiet scared to start it by myself. I was travelling with my bike and I learned a few things about communities and I learn many things about space holding and mediation, guiding meditations and more. It was a beautiful experience. It lasted a few months and then I continued with a few months of workaway. And then I came to back Greece.

I realized I was a bit attached to the idea of home, mostly because when I was growing up it was a very important part that was not really there. I had a home, I had a family but somehow I didn't feel the feelings and the emotions that I wanted to, deeply in my heart. So traveling was something that was really speaking in my heart, and at the same time I was avoiding it, because the safety of the home and the sense of holding space and hosting people and enjoying their hospitality was really important for me. Coming back to Greece I caught myself again being "stuck" again in the concept of home.

Soon a friend of mine visited me and we started traveling around Greece together. We did a lot of hitchhiking, free camping, going to beaches, different areas, enjoying nature, meeting beautiful people, learning things about life and a lot about traveling. And after a month and a half my friend left, and I found a new home to be attached to (hehe). And it was beautiful, but something was missing. I got a book from my mom - the mutant message from down under - where an american woman started walking in the desert of Australia for 3 months with an indigenous tribe - and something hit home. Somehow this book spoke into my heart and I was so excited and also mourning for not doing something like that.

Fast forward a month later I had an unexpected call with a trainer about an impactful self development training in The Netherlands - the foundation I was volunteering a year ago - and he told me a co-trainer cancelled and I told him I am ready to come! I cancelled everything I had planned and I arranged everything in order to go. I came in the Netherlands with the intention to just stay for a week, to co-train for this training, to volunteer once again and support people to connect with their freedom, their being, to be! And it was beautiful but then there was this process during the training when we are walking, and walking and walking... And it's a beautiful process, right? But somehow embodying this walk I felt so much connected again with my calling for traveling, with the messages of the book, with my intuition with nature, it was just so inspiring to actually walk and I felt that I do want to walk.

After the training finished I started thinking about it and I had an invitation to take a big decision. I cancelled my flight to Greece and I started mentally masturbating around the idea of walking to Greece. Some people recommended to me instead of walking to Greece to take the pilgrim to Santiago De Compostela. Hearing this coming from different people I started considering it and I felt that pilgrim is a) a safer way and b) very spiritual way to go through my process. Having a talk with another participant of the training, he said that slow traveling forces one person to focus in enjoying the process of the experience and not being result oriented, which was something that I was craving for and somehow that talk kicked me a bit further from my attachment to home, from my comfort zone and to take the decision to spread my wings and see what will happen.

And here I am, already in this journey, sharing my process on social media and receiving support in every step, witnessing miracles and blessings, struggling sometimes and overcoming my own limits.

Thank you for reading my intro, feel free to witness my journey on social media and support my journey.

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