Sustainable Dining at Mie's Hinakaya

Sustainable Dining at Mie's Hinakaya

Sep 21, 2022

Hinakaya is a beautiful, traditionally built Japanese restaurant which excels at presenting stunning foods in amazingly beautiful surroundings as you sit in a traditionally built Japanese house. 

The name of the place means countryside traiditional hut, but it is much more elegant and that description is too humble for the planning and high-quality of hospitality at this place. 

The owner bought an area of land surrounding the building to ensure that guests would see only the natural views of the river from the building. The tea plantations in front were also restored and diners are served very local tea from the fields outside. 

It is possible to order vegan, plant-based courses in advance which are a celebration of local flavors and fresh local fruits and vegetables. All sauces have a deep umami of seaweed and mushrooms, I hope they are able to add it to the regular menu as these are courses that should appeal to all diners. 

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