No-Till Farming in Japan

No-Till Farming in Japan

Jan 13, 2021

Thomas Kloepfer is a farmer in Japan who grows over fifty different fruits and vegetables on his farm in Mukaishima, an island near Onomichi in Hiroshima, with his wife and animals. He doesn't till the soil and explains the benefits of using a no-till method in this livestream talk today. 

There were some great questions during the talk as he explained a variety of key topics from seed cultivation, to using enough water and planning for crop diversity, and his future plans for his business- Pitchfork Farms.

Thomas has been in the Seeking Sustainability LIVE talkshow series so far giving advice for other farmers and gardeners in episode 1, talking about his research on Nepal Hemp farms and using natural dyes in another episode.

This talk is a follow-up on a visit I had to his natural (pesticide-free) farm in Mukaishima, Hiroshima Japan in October of 2019

Thomas' partner Kaori runs a local natural dye shop, so we hope to collaborate and offer a special online workshop for anyone around the world to try their hand at sustainable, natural dyeing processes. The workshop with Thomas and Kaori is tentatively planned for March 20th and special advance booking options for supporters here- so stay tuned for more details.

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