Mexican Cooking SSL Workshop

Mexican Cooking SSL Workshop

Jan 10, 2021

Getting ready to launch the SSL Workshop series- a monthly in-depth and hands-on experience with an expert in Japan.

Today we have the chance to talk with and learn from Chef Rodrigo and his partner Wendy who are based in Nagano, Japan. Chef Rodrigo will tell us a bit about his background in Mexico and the US before coming to Japan and the challenges he faces in growing his organic ingredients for his cooking in a new climate. 

He will then walk us through the steps to make healthy and delicious farm-to-table dishes which are all plant-based vegan: Salsa, Tortillas, Refried Beans, Quesadillas and Tamales

Anyone who subscribes as a monthly member will have access to watch the video of this workshop in about a week, as well as access to videos of future workshops.

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