Kind Traveler Stories in Japan

Kind Traveler Stories in Japan

Mar 19, 2024

A beautiful story from my tour yesterday in Hiroshima. While visiting a beautiful japanese gardens, a group of visitors I was guiding for the day were buying ice-creams, mochi and zenzai treats.

An elderly lady was waiting in line behind us and the father in the group of travelers said to me, please ask her what she would like as well, we would love to treat her.

At first, she absolutely refused, but then gratefully accepted, and was completely charmed by their generosity- she went around and shook every one of their hands and bowed in thanks.

Before leaving, this woman and her daughter came to say thank you again and wanted to take a photo together with the family.

it was a beautiful moment of how we can find ways to connect and show kindness while traveling.

Most of the visitors I meet rave about how kind Japanese people are and are looking for ways to be kind and respectful as well while they spend time here.

The media is focusing on the bad apples, the travelers breaking rules and being rude, but I would love to share more of these lovely stories of kindness from international travelers in Japan.

Sharing an ice-cream, a handshake, a bow, a smile, or a photo together gets closer to the true meaning of travel to make meaningful connections between us across our borders and differences.

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