REPLAY - Pinay Podcasters Presentation a ...

REPLAY - Pinay Podcasters Presentation at the 2021 Bulosan Filipinx Studies Conference

May 29, 2021

Hello fam! 💛

A sincere THANK YOU to our community for attending our LIVE workshop Bulosan Filipinx Studies Conference hosted by the Bulosan Center for Filipino Studies at UC Davis! 😍🥰

Your visibility continues to motivate us to keep doing what we love: normalizing and amplifying Filipino American Women stories. 📢💛

Pinay Podcasters Workshop is Now Available

The Initial Draft of Our Academic Paper is Now Available

  • "Pinay Podcasters: Building a Self-Sustaining Community Through Storytelling, Collective Healing & Learning, and Collaboration" - Click Here to Read Now

Spread the word about Pinay Podcasters!

Love and appreciate you all! Enjoy your holiday weekend! 🙌🥳

💛 Jen & Nani |

P.S. For a continuation of this discussion, listen to the replay Ep. 110: “There’s a history of the Pinay being silenced. The more we can invest in ourselves, the better we can build self-sustaining communities.” TFAW Project @ AAPA’s Inaugural Asian Podcast Festival - Click Here to Listen Now

P.S.S. For Jen's pre-recording of her ShePodcasts presentation of Pinay Podcasters is now available! To watch the video - Click Here. To have access to the slides - Click Here.

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