Visit the Glocal Worm-ing exhibition!

Visit the Glocal Worm-ing exhibition!

Sep 26, 2022

Exhibition 24.09 - 02.10 at the Naturmuseum Bozen

Fertile soil is currently being depleted faster than it can be renewed, a crisis referred to as Peak Soil. Soils are now on the list of environmental issues that need global care. Earthworms are one of the protagonists of soil life and are necessary for living soils.

Considering the urgency of creating new cultural aesthetics of soil care practices, the Glocal Worm-ing investigates, through design, ways to nurture mutual human-soil relations together with earthworms and active citizen-participation in order to enhance multispecies co-existences in cities. The project seeks to provide emergent soil care practices in public spaces with earthworms. Earthworms as companion species to humans open up the need of building relational networks by applying soil care practices in order to care for the Earth, each other, and other living beings.

The Earthworm Manifesto, which is a key design harvest, acts as a transformative storyline weaving relations of citizens with the world of the earthworms and the underground. How would you become part of their manifesto? What relations and stories are you building? Why are the facts and fables necessary to consider together? During the exhibition, the visitors are invited to contribute to the continuation of the earthworm manifesto and to participate in soil care practices with earthworms.

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