The Vampire Diaries - 5x21 & 5x22 Full R ...

The Vampire Diaries - 5x21 & 5x22 Full Reaction!!!

Aug 21, 2023


Yes, we're finally going to finish season five once and for all! lol

These episodes are public in case anyone who used to be a member happens to check back here. I wouldn't want you to pay for a membership for just two episodes.

Anyway, episode 5x21 was actually filmed way back on July 19, 2022. I just didn't get around to editing it until recently. Episode 5x22 was filmed on May 9, 2023. Please go easy on me because I was reallllly rusty. In some ways it was easy to jump back into reacting, but it was difficult to remember everything that was happening in the show. There are several instances where I didn't pick up on exactly what was going on even though it was super obvious. But don't worry, I rewatched the whole episode while editing and I understand it now.

Still no plans to continue with season six at the moment, but I promise to finish this series someday. Even if I have to film reactions in the nursing home. lol

Love you guys!!!!



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