Dec 01, 2022

One moment he was just doing his job, his own small part for greater humanity and trying not use up his third and final life.  

Then, the universe slipped. Call it a gear-tooth, or two, if it helps you understand shifts deep enough to lose him in the slippery nether between stable probabilities and so a violent fracture grew up and down reality. Imperceptibly to the greater cosmos, a small blister, or bridge, formed exotic links across contextual folds of reality.  It opened, after a fashion, think of a window opening onto a jam-up of almost-places, but more a one-way door to where frozen electron matter rules.  Vast energies tortured impossible spatial conditions out of time-like probabilities to punch through several gaps between universes.  His slight spin from entry locked him to a singular path, lets call it fractal for now, of stacking n-space geometries that allowed his survival.
A raw glowing wound of primal superspace energies finally skewered a single solar system with it’s saturated energies and coalesced an unnatural rift to space-time stretching across tens of millions of kilometers and beyond the scale of earthly mankind’s measure.  

He fell in ….

Starswept from the Web of Worlds

Jonathan Gibson ©'22   All Rights Reserved. All Wrongs Revenged.

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