A Warning From History - Annotated Chapt ...

A Warning From History - Annotated Chapter List

Apr 18, 2022

A Warning From History

Cory Hughes

Annotated Chapter List


The forward covers my original interest in the assassination and how I constructed my theory of the crime including sources and my past experience as a police officer.


The Kennedy assassination is the most important event in world history as it pertains to the global power structure. While many researchers limit their focus to JFK and the assassination itself, it is not possible to really grasp what happened without understanding the relationship between the organizations behind it and the individual players on the ground who executed it. The story of the Kennedy assassination really begins with the birth of Zionism in 1897 as a political movement; one with further-reaching ambitions than simply to acquire and maintain a Jewish homeland in Palestine.

Tradecraft & The Psychological War

The history of psychological Warfare goes back centuries, however, the 20th century produced for intelligence agencies around the world, a science of psychological warfare comprised primarily of propaganda and rumor. The organizations involved in the assassination utilized techniques of psychological warfare to deflect from their guilt and to label anyone who didn’t buy the ”official story” as conspiracy theorists, dissidents, and aberrant thinkers. This shell of psychological warfare implemented largely through practices of tradecraft has allowed for the vast majority of those involved to go unpunished for decades and probably forever.

The Battle of Letters

Kennedy and ben-Gurion were two men who truly despised each other. This becomes obvious when reading through the letters exchanged between them during the month of May 1963. The Israeli’s refusal to allow inspectors into the Dimona nuclear plant in the Negev desert indicated to Kennedy that the reactor was not meant for peaceful purposes. The letters between the two men highlight the tension between them and provide some of the strongest evidence of Israel’s involvement in Kennedy’s assassination.


The absolute proof that the CIA, Mossad, and the US Mafia all work together can be found on the Board of Directors for the company Permindex. Permindex was founded by George Mandel, a long-time supporter of an independent Jewish state and an important operative for the Mossad. Permindex and it's subsidiary Centro Mondiale Commerciale was established by the Mossad and the CIA for the purposes of funneling money to various right-wing causes including the OAS in France and Algeria, and the US mafia for various special operations. De Gaul directly accused Permindex of being behind the numerous attempts on his life. After having their Swiss charter revoked for said allegations, Permindex relocated to South Africa. Kennedy was set to speak at the Trade Mart in Dallas which was owned by Permindex, demonstrating that the same people who planned his trip to Dallas were also behind the assassination.

The Dal-Tex Building and the TSBD

The Kennedy assassination was a carefully planned and executed operation involving many local personnel and businesses in the heart of Dealey Plaza. The Texas School Book Depository was a CIA front company that employed the likes of OV Campbell, Roy Truly, Joe Molina, and William Shelley; all former OSS operatives and employees of the CIA at the time of the assassination. The activities and statements of the people found in the TSBD make it absolutely clear that employees of the company were not only complicit in the assassination but active participants. The Dal-Tex building, owned by Morris Jaffe, Sam Bloom, and others was, as described in the Harold Weisberg files, “a sort of Jewish family affair” with all of the occupants “mixed up in each other's business.” A direct line connection can be made from Sam Bloom to the Bronfmans to Meyer Lansky, the CIA and Mossad via Permindex and BCI, the Banque de Credite Internationale. The Dal-Tex was the heart of the assassination in Dallas.

Jack and Samuel Ruby

Jack Ruby is one of the central figures in the assassination yet not all is as it seems with the actions of Jack Ruby. Jack Ruby was a mobster who worked for Meyer Lansky, and the Jewish sect of the mafia. He had formerly been an associate of George White of MKULTRA fame as well as Richard Nixon, which was discovered as a result of his name appearing in the Kefauver Hearing documents. Many of the actions attributed to Jack Ruby in Dallas were actually not done by Jack, but by his nearly identical brother Samuel Ruby. The photograph of Jack Ruby in the hallway of the police department and the video of him at the midnight press conference were not actually of Jack Ruby but of his brother Samuel. The use of body doubles is prevalent throughout the assassination story and the interchangeability of Jack and Samuel Ruby is just one example.

David Ferrie

David Ferrie was a key organizer of the assassins on the ground as well as being one of two shooters on the grassy knoll. Ferrie was an airline pilot who had a long history of working with the CIA and the US mafia. The official story places him at an ice skating rink the day after the assassination in Houston and later on in Galveston. The reality of this story is that it is a fake; a front designed to give David Ferrie and his companions Alvin Beauboeuf and Layton Martens an alibi as all three were in Dealey Plaza on the day of the assassination. Ferrie was a key organizer of the assassination and the relationships he held connected him to each and every one of the shooters on the ground in Dealey Plaza.

The Rose Cheramie Incident

The Rose Cheramie story involves three men who were participants in the shooting of JFK. Sergio Arcacha Smith and Emilio Santana were the two men who accompanied Rose Cheramie on their trip from New Orleans on November 20, 1963, for the purposes of acquiring a shipment of heroin from a seaman arriving on a boat in Galveston harbor. The seaman bringing in the heroin was a man named Andrew Jerome Blackmon, a long-time associate of David Ferrie.

Rose ends up in the hospital after being ditched by Arcacha and Santana. She then relays her tale to Lt Francis Fruge of the Louisiana State Police who documents and investigates her story. Arcacha and Santana make their way to Dallas without her where both men are gunmen in the assassination.

The Mercenaries

William Seymour, Lawrence Howard, and Loran Hall are three men often discussed as having fringe connections to the assassination. Nothing could be further from the truth. These three men were vital in the set-up of Oswald in Dallas. Many take for granted that Oswald worked at the TSBD and that he fired at other people’s targets at the shooting range. Many even believe Oswald was one of three men who appeared at Sylvia Odio’s home to discuss Cuban operations in late September 1963. None of these assumptions are true. When one analyzes the evidence it becomes apparent that William Seymour was one of the men impersonating Oswald all over Dallas including at his place of employment, the book depository. On November 22, 1963, I put Howard and Hall on the sixth floor of the depository with William Seymour acting as a lookout on the first floor.

The Mobsters

Dave Yaras, Lenny Patrick, and Robert Bernard Baker are three well-known hitmen who were all part of the Chicago Outfit as it has come to be known. Yaras was based out of Miami, where in 1933, he organized the assassination of Mayor Anton Cermak. Lenny Patrick was one of his closest associates and his spotter when Yaras fired a shot at Kennedy from between the pergola and the wooden fence on the knoll as depicted in the uncut Nix film. The information on Yaras and Patrick comes from the story relayed to the Dallas Police by a man named Marion Meharg and his connections to two men identified as David Leon Miller and Isadore Max Miller; the aliases used by Yaras and Patrick while in Dallas. Robert Bernard Baker was a close associate of Yaras and Patrick as well as Jack Ruby. In the days leading up to the assassination, a series of phone calls between these four men allegedly provide them with alibis, however, these men were in Dallas making the phone calls between them alibi phone calls.

The Cleveland Connection

James Licavoli, the underboss to the Cleveland mob, had two employees in 1963 who played a very well-known role in the assassination; Leo “Lips” Moceri and Danny Greene. While there has been much debate over the identity of the Three Tramps, as they have come to be known, a detailed examination of these two men will ultimately reveal their identities as having been two of the three “Tramps” arrested and subsequently shuffled out the back door of the Dallas Sheriff’s office on November 22, 1963.

Jack Valenti

Despite the mountain of disinformation spread over the decades, the true identity of the “grassy knoll shooter” was in fact, Jack Valenti. Valenti is best known for his 38 years as the head of the Motion Picture Association of America. During his tenure at the MPAA, Jack single-handedly devised the film rating system that we are all familiar with. Jack also happened to be born into two mob families, the Valentis and the De Georges, to which he maintained close criminal ties. He also was a life-long operative for the CIA. After shooting the President, Valenti flees down the far side of the grassy knoll where he escapes Dealey Plaza on the passenger side of the secret service car with the one and only David Morales. Valenti also maintained close ties with a man named Vincent Caltagirone Jr., Jack’s former brother-in-law, whom I have identified as the real Raul; the man who set up James Earl Ray in the assassination of Martin Luther King.

The Assassination

David Ferrie fires the first shot from the corner of the picket fence on the grassy knoll. The shot hits Kennedy in the throat. The flurry of shots that came next was fired by Lawrence Howard and Loran Hall, who were in opposite corners of the sixth floor of the book depository. Shots were also fired from the roof of the depository by Sergio Arcacha Smith, who left a rifle that was confirmed by Dallas police after its discovery. Emilio Santana fired shots from underneath the fire escape on the west-facing side of the Dal-Tex building, striking Kennedy multiple times in the back and head. Danny Greene, a former marine sniper-trainer and now an employee of James Licavoli, most likely fired shots from behind the pergola. Dave Yaras fired a shot that missed Kennedy and was later dug out of the ground by Gordon Novel. He fired from between the pergola and the wooden fence. Jack Valenti then fired the final headshot as captured in Zapruder film frame 313 before fleeing with the secret service car.

JD Tippit & The Texas Theater

JD Tippit was a low-level operative in as far as the assassination goes. He was lured to the area of 10th and Patton where he was gunned down, not by Oswald who was already inside the Texas Theater by 1:06 when the shooting took place. JD Tippit was gunned down by two men, Kerry Thornley and David Ferrie. This was facilitated by two Dallas cops; Westbrook and Croy, who drove Thornley from the 1026 N. Beckley boarding house to the alley from which Thornley emerged. Thornley shot Tippit three times with a semi-automatic handgun and Ferrie shot Tippit once in the head with a revolver. Ferrie then fled the scene in a light gray Plymouth owned by CIA employee Carl Mathers. Thornley fled to a second-hand junk shop on Jefferson before making his way to the Abundant Life Temple where he was detained by police and subsequently let go. During the shooting, Lee Harvey Oswald entered the Texas Theater between 1:00 and 1:07 pm as relayed by manager Butch Burroughs. Oswald meets with his contact, a pregnant woman, before returning to the candy counter where he purchased popcorn at 1:15. He then waits for the next 40 minutes watching the movie before the Dallas Police rush in and arrest him. Thornley entered the Texas Theater around 1:36 which triggers the phone calls to the police. Thornley hides out on the balcony. He is later pulled out of the back of the theater after Oswald is taken out of the front.

The Three Tramps

There were two sets of tramps pulled off of train cars after the assassination. The first set of tramps was arrested at 12:35. Their identities are no secret; John Forrester Gedney, Gus Abrams, and Harold Doyle. These bums had no connection to the assassination. An hour and a half later, three additional tramps were seen jumping from the ninth boxcar on an outgoing train by Lee Bowers, the tower man. These tramps are the infamous Three Tramps that have been endlessly debated. The real identity of these tramps are Leo Moceri and Danny Greene of the Cleveland mob and the short tramp, who was identified by James Earl Ray as the real Raul, whom I identified as Vincent Caltagirone, Jr. These men are then shuffled out the back door of the Dallas Sheriff’s Office by persons unknown.

The Winterland Ice Arena

David Ferrie allegedly traveled from New Orleans to Houston, through a vicious rainstorm, on the day of the assassination to go ice skating with two young boys, Alvin Beauboeuf and Layton Martens. In reality, these three were already in Dallas where they participated in the assassination. Ferrie never went to the Winterland Ice arena. Sergio Arcacha Smith went to the Winterland with Beauboeuf and Martens for the sole purpose of establishing an alibi for David Ferrie. A deep dive into the Winterland uncovers the fact that it was owned by Lyndon Johnson and run, essentially, by the CIA. The woman who started and ran the Winterland was named Mary “Boots” Roberts who was a famous ice skater. She was born Mary Caltagirone and she had a first cousin named Vincent Caltagirone, jr. Vincent had been married to Jack Valenti’s sister, identified as Lorraine Valenti-Dinerstein, and they had two children together. Jack Valenti was also the right-hand man of Lyndon Johnson. So here we have a closed-loop of interaction between Johnson, Valenti, Mary Roberts, and Vincent Caltagirone. The Winterland served as another CIA front for purposes less than noble. These relationships are what truly blew the case wide open.

The Oswald Shooting

Immediately after Oswald was arrested, the first call made by Jack Ruby was to a guy named Al Gruber. Gruber was the right-hand man of Mickey Cohen, who was in jail at the time of the assassination. Gruber had met with Menachem Begin and Yitzhak Shamir three weeks before the assassination and then immediately headed to Dallas to meet with Jack Ruby. The evidence would appear to paint Gruber as the man who gave Jack Ruby the order to kill Oswald. Ruby was seen in an elevator in the police department at 9:00 am on November 24, meaning the official story of him buying money orders is false. While Jack was hiding out in the basement of the police department, Samuel Ruby was out buying the money order, which led to the killing being described as an “impulsive act” instead of one that was planned. Oswald should have died in the Texas Theater, but since he wasn’t, the responsibility fell to Jack Ruby, who could easily gain access to the basement via his oldest friend in Dallas, George Butler.


After the assassination, the organizations involved, primarily the CIA, the Mossad, and the Mafia, felt emboldened. They had pulled off the greatest assassination in history and they felt the world was theirs. They might not have been wrong. It was undoubtedly this cabal of sinister organizations that led to the assassinations of Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, the attempt on George Wallace, 911, Covid-19, and many other horrors the world has faced over the decades.

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