TIL: How BMaC Handles Lapses in Membersh ...

TIL: How BMaC Handles Lapses in Membership

Nov 29, 2021

Hello, folks.

If, for some reason, you run into a problem with your pledge on BMaC, be aware of two things:

1. Unlike Patreon, BMaC will not let you hang around forever if you, again for whatever reason, happen to miss a pledge. Instead, the system will automatically cancel your pledge for you and let you resubscribe later. (Frankly, this is much preferred over Patreon's method as their way allowed people to not pay for ages and ages for the extra content while still having total access to it. Ask Patreon Artists how much they liked that.)

2. That means, if you find your pledge cancelled, I'm likely not the one who cancelled it and I probably don't even know about it. It also means that if there is some sort of hang up, you should let me know if it was not your intention to cancel or the lapse was not of your own doing. I'm a very accommodating and understanding Tyrant and you should always communicate to me any little difficulties you have so I know what your intentions are and can then work with you to figure out what to do about it.

And, as the title says, I've only found this out today. So we're all learning together. Isn't that nice?



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