Coming from Patreon?

Coming from Patreon?

Sep 01, 2021

For those of you who might be migrating over from Patreon and might be experiencing a touch of sticker shock, don't worry.

Tier pricing reflects what a typical month of 'individual item' pricing would have been on Patreon. However, Buy Me A Coffee doesn't have 'individual item' capabilities, so the cost you see is for a full month of support.

And, ultimately, this makes a bit more sense given what you are now supporting. This isn't just for GM Word of the Week anymore. It's for everything I do under the umbrella of Fiddleback Productions. At this point, that's two podcasts, GM WotW and FolkLiar, plus whatever else I come up with in the way of creative works. Hopefully, you can see that this actually represents a better value as a monthly pledge, than it would as per item, as that would cost you more overall.

In any case, I hope you will find that the monthly pledges are well worth it and I look forward to your support.


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