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Crossed 800 supporters & Elon Musk, Kany ...

Crossed 800 supporters & Elon Musk, Kanye West , BTS on Clubhouse soon?

Feb 11, 2021

We just crossed 800 supporters for our trusted CLUBHOUSE invite train. Only a month back we started this pay it forward train inorder to avoid scammers on the internet. We saved a lot of people from getting scammed on internet or buy invites that are being sold for $1000+ on Ebay.

Ever since Elon Musk, Kanya West (rumoured in few days) and BTS (in a few days time) joins, invites were sold for even more and more scams on shady websites, youtube videos and other reddit forums.

I wish everyone took a background check on where they are getting invites from, who they are etc, before falling to these traps or scams. Check twice or thrice whom you are getting invites from, they normally block Innocent people once they get your hard earned money. Don't fall for such traps.

I am glad that we could make the trusted train work. Everyone is super nice and we connected 700+ people from 50+ countries, on all different walks of life. We build a kind community on the Internet.

We all chat on Felix & Coffee friends and onboard everyone as well as introduce ourself every night. Shoutout to Leone, DJ & other supporters for helping me manage this train, couldn't have done it without them.

Medium article: https://medium.com/@felixjosemon/looking-for-clubhouse-invite-codes-pay-it-forward-clubhouse-community-could-help-you-6ee8036babbf

To join the train: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/felixbmc

Connect on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/felixjosemon/

Connect on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Felix_Josemon/

See you on the other end:)

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