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41 more till we cross 1000 true fans on ...

41 more till we cross 1000 true fans on Clubhouse Invite

Mar 07, 2021

We are just 41 supporters (currently 959) away from crossing 1000 supporters on our Clubhouse Invite train.

It's safe to say we saved almost 1000 great people from getting scammed by an Internet stranger or pay $$$+ for a Clubhouse invite. More than that we build a great and kind community that's networked across the globe. We meetup (online obviously) often and network with one another. We also plan to visit one another in their home countries once this pandemic is over.

Never in my lifetime we imagined this would be wildly successful. After we launched, a several scam sites are still being promoted on Google/Youtube. some taken down, and more comes every single day.

I have written about how to spot these sites which could loss your hard earned money on my previous posts.



We are also launched on Product Hunt : https://www.producthunt.com/posts/clubhouse-app-invites

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