Brain Dump: March 22, 2023

Brain Dump: March 22, 2023

Mar 23, 2023

Today was a good day.

Good means

  • I prospected

  • I followed up

  • I learned some things

  • I coached some adults

And I can't tell you one quantifiable results or how any of it moved any goal forward. Not a single one. Didn't deposit any more money. Didn't lose any weight. Didn't write any contracts. Didn't end any relationships. Didn't start any new relationships. All of it was just in the middle. Some tasks in the middle of getting from Point A to Point B. It may have been the most important tasks. And it may have been inconsequential.

And half the time I was double-minded and not fully present. Okay. Gratitude

I completed my Soul Care Practice

I encouraged some realtors and adults

I paid off a debt

I stood in possibilities

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