Take a bow

Oct 04, 2021

If you…

Made it to a doctor appointment 

Finished a shift you weren’t sure you could 

Said no when it was good for you to, even though it was hard

Ate the “right” food, even though the “wrong” food was right there and looked soooo good

Remembered to put your clothes in the dryer

Got some exercise

Renewed your meds before you ran out

Took a nap before you needed one

Stood up for yourself 

Spent time learning how to change your life for the better

Handled something you’ve been putting off for a long time

Let yourself enjoy the moment

Gave encouragement to someone who needed it

Made it all the way through this post lol

There’s ALWAYS something to celebrate, even if it’s small, even if it doesn’t matter to anyone but you.

Happy matters. Happy can get you through the suck and make the struggle just a little less. Seek it out. Savor it. Let it be a buoy. 

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