Nobody knows what they’re doing. 

Nobody knows what they’re doing. 

Jun 01, 2021

Happy Tuesday!

The boys and I do “Netflix Tuesdays” where we watch something together on Netflix. It ensures that at least once a week we are just spending some time together. Fortunately, my kids love to learn too so we watch a lot of docuseries. We made a little extra time yesterday and throughout the episode (we are on the second one), I just kept thinking over and over how neat it was that they all just know what to do. Wood mice, macaques, puma, polar bear, they all just know what to do, or they die. There’s no wood mouse school, they are just born with that knowledge. It’s called intrinsic knowledge. Humans do not have the same intrinsic knowledge as animals lol. And there is no “How to Human” school, either. 

I got up today, and as usual, my life syncs up with my Facebook memories and I see this...

It’s extra fun for me because I had just finished sending some notes to a friend for a post I was working on, lamenting I haven’t had a lot of “flow” writing lately, where it just comes to me. And here we are lol knee deep in the flow. 

So many of us beat ourselves up for doing the wrong thing or not knowing what to do. Yet, how are we to learn?! We learn by example, by what we read and watch, see and hear. Everything you are right now is a conglomeration of your perception of all the data that has flowed through you. 

It’s easier to cope, to understand yourself, to see that you did the best you could with what you had and knew at the time. Once you get there, self love starts to form. Once your perspective changes to allow for that grace, you come to realize that the same applies to every person on the planet. 

Once you can give that grace to others, peace comes. 

Nobody knows what they’re doing, we are all just winging it. And, if you’re lucky, you can find some fellow humans who help you on the way. And, you might help others too. 

Make it a great day warriors, the choice is always yours. 💛



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