Declining incoming thoughts

Declining incoming thoughts

Sep 28, 2021

Coping post. Controlling your thoughts.

When I read this graphic, I thought, “but, you can…” and then I remember it took me like 45 years to figure that out lol.

Maybe because I’m sleepy, or stubborn, a lot of things took me a long time to “realize.”

The biggest one is learning just exactly how much I can control the 3 pounds of organic material in the cockpit of this meatsuit. It’s a lot. I mean, I can’t “fix” it lol, I’m not a mechanic… but, I have learned to modify it so it’s more pro-me.

Teaching myself how to clear my mind (without meditating) means, at any point in my day or night, I can “sweep everything off the table” and just chill. It doesn’t matter if I’m in the middle of failing at something, if someone else is ranting in front of me, if the problems are dropping like I hit the three cherries on the slot machine of possible bull pucky that happens to all of us… none of it takes my inner peace.

A hundred tabs open, negative self-talk, low self esteem, lacking confidence, door mat, wrong crowd, abused, neglected, abandoned… my brain was SEASONED with misery until one day, there was less. The more I understood the way my thoughts “worked” the more I “taught” myself how to “tame the beast.”

Some people find it frustrating, that I don’t ‘freak’ out when things go awry but you know who’s not frustrated? Me lol and when the proverbial poop hits the fan, it’s YOU that benefits from not being frustrated.

Staying calm and clear headed may seem unattainable to you in this moment. You may be struggling, may feel as though you’re not the kind of person who can pull it off, you may think you’re too far gone or too old to make changes like that… but, if you read the graphic and thought “I wish you could do that,” and you’re still reading this post now lol I want to encourage you to BELIEVE in the possibilities and watch/ read/ learn every technique/ trick/ methodology you can to learn how to

the (quality of) life you save may be your own.



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