Change is possible

Oct 05, 2021

Ten years ago I was pretty miserable. A car accident had exacerbated all my symptoms and I was thoroughly done with being invisible in my relationship. So, I set off a bomb in my life as I knew it and started to rebuild.

I worked on myself first. Change is not possible unless you determine what needs to change, you gotta notice. Then you need to find ways to make the change stick, you train yourself to be different. Whether it’s your personality, living or work sitch, or relationships, change takes practice.

I came across a post this morning about how I attract difficult people. I didn’t want that. Now, I no longer attract them. The original post was ten years ago. I don’t know at what point I stopped attracting the lol but it’s nice to have a life with less drama for sure.

Have something you want to change? Work on it. Need someone to bang ideas off of? Message me. I’m an excellent perspective adjuster.

Make it a great day thrivers! The choice is always yours.



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