Solar Eclipse in Scorpio 2022 — Cleanse ...

Solar Eclipse in Scorpio 2022 — Cleanse and reset

Oct 23, 2022

{Image description: Digital collage illustration in dark blue tones. In the center is a skull with white lilies on its head and marigolds in its eyes. Two hands come from below and hold the skull, one on each side. Behind, the image of an eclipse: a large dark blue circle, the moon, hides the sunlight that escapes at the top left. Inside this circle, behind the skull come the points of a star, and the rest is decorated with stars and celestial objects. At the top of each side is an eagle and at the bottom of each side is a scorpion. On the left side is an illustration of a moth butterfly and on the right side the illustration of a snake. The background is the starry sky, and in each corner is a frame of dried roses.}


New Moon: 02˚ Scorpio 00’ | BST: Oct.25.2022, 11:48 am | EDT: Oct.25.2022, 6:48 am | More about the eclipse:

A feeling of emptiness has been slowly creeping into me for the last couple of weeks. First around me, and for the last week within me. I’m not sure yet how to feel about this. I’m missing some of the things that are fading, but I’ve also made a conscious choice to quit other things that were weighing me down. So I’m expecting everything is for the best.

The next lunar cycle begins with a solar eclipse in Scorpio. Solar eclipses are like a reset, and offer you a fresh start. They can bring a change of direction that sets you off into a new and unexpected path. It doesn’t have to be anything immediately noticeable, but, with time, you realize that back then, around that eclipse, was the inception of a big change in your life.

The sign of Scorpio

This sign is of the water triplicity and has a fixed nature. They hold on to feelings and emotions, even they are long past expiration date. It’s a wonderful thing to be a loyal friend, or not wanting to just give up on a relationship, but there’s no merit in keeping something that is no longer healthy for you.

The scorpion dwells in the deep dark places where many of us don’t have the courage to venture. All feelings and emotions get amped up, and you feel you’ve entered a rollercoaster where you can no longer control your instincts and desires.

The only way out is rendition. Letting go of all the control you thought you once held, and taking the leap into the unknown. That’s one of the hardest things for a Scorpio to do ­— trust the unknown. But remember, the more you know, respect and care for yourself, the easier it will be to protect your boundaries and trust what you don’t yet know.

Conjunction with Venus in Scorpio

For the past couple of weeks, Venus has been walking very close to the Sun, and since they’ve been in the last degree of Libra, on October 22nd, Venus has also been cazimi ­— in the heart of the sun. This means that love and relationships in general are at the center of our attention now, as well as women’s issues, creativity, money, self-worth and justice.

This could be the powerful beginning of a release process that you have been waiting for. It could be a bad relationship that needs to end; it could be your self-esteem that needs to be refreshed; or maybe some money matters that need to be resolved. If you have a clean slate, you can expect something new, fresh and different from what you’ve known before finding its way towards your door step sooner than you think.

Mars stationary in Gemini

Impatient Mars is supervising this new moon. The Scorpio trio is moving away from a trine to the fierce planet, and also separating from a square with Pluto, and from a quincunx with Jupiter.

It seems like there’s a lot of baggage to this new moon. More than what’s coming, it’s worth remembering what you have been thinking about or waiting for in the last couple of months.  What has been on your mind lately? What have you taken in your hands? What news or decision have you been expecting?

A couple of days after the eclipse, Mars will turn retrograde, and the need to look back will be heightened. The energy that has been propelling you forward slows down, and turns inward. Maybe you’ll need to retrace your steps and redo your plans. Maybe what you are waiting is taking longer than expected. In any case, be patient and trust that in the end this will work out in favor.

Mars squaring Neptune in Pisces

The red planet is not only about to go backwards, but is also in a tense relation with elusive Neptune in Pisces. You think you know what’s happening and where you’re going, but that might not be the case. Determined Mars is moving his feet, but is going nowhere, because Neptune has summoned a thick fog over the landscape.

Be careful to make any hasty judgements or decisions now. In one month Mars will be away from Neptune’s haze, and you’ll be able to see clearly again. That’s when you’ll be able to discern what was blurry before. If know what house of your chart is occupied by Gemini, it’ll be easier to know in what area of your life this transit is taking effect.

Solar Eclipse synthesis

This powerful new moon could be the beginning of a new chapter of your life, especially if you have Sun, Moon or Ascendant in any of the fixed signs ­— Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

Are you ready to discard old ways of doing things, outdated beliefs and unhealthy obsessions? Where do you need a fresh start? What would you write in a blank page?  If you think there’s nothing you need to get rid of, just stay open, curious and alert. You could get a hint or even a very clear sign of something that is no longer serving you.

Do your part, and let go of what is weighing you down and intoxicating you. Trust the process, be receptive, and enjoy the ride.

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