New Moon in Capricorn 2022 — Roll up you ...

New Moon in Capricorn 2022 — Roll up your sleeves

Dec 22, 2022

{Image description: Digital collage illustration. In the center is a geometric mandala with a mountain goat on each side. In the background are mountains is shades of light brown. There are some dried flowers on side of the picture with the illustration of ivy entangled with them. Behind the mountains a blue and pink sky with straight lines across it, and the planet Saturn on the left, and the planet Jupiter on the right one.}

New Moon: 1˚ Capricorn 33’ | GMT: December 23, 2022, 10:16 am | EDT: December 23, 2022, 5:16 am

Dreams can come true. But for that to happen, we need to have both our feet firmly on the ground, while keeping the vision alive in our minds and especially in our hearts.

Last month the path to our dreams became more visible and real. For me it was a time when I was able to clarify my dreams and ground my goals. What I was envisioning some time ago lost traction and purpose. But then something else, that had been there all the time, grew larger than I expected, and is beginning to take a space in my life bigger than I had anticipated. Saturn works in funny ways — and I’m happy to follow his (her?) lead.

I hope you too were able to look at your dreams honestly and reasonably, and were able to tweak out what has no place in reality. Now you’re prepared to do the necessary hard work for things to happen. Take this very special new moon, boosted with the powerful energy of beginnings, and start materializing your new life.

The sign of Capricorn

This earth sign is not the muddy clay of Taurus, neither is it the refined sand of Virgo. Capricorn is a rocky mountain — it takes strain, time and resilience to form, but it‘s as safe and durable as a fortress. 

Unlike the opposite sign of Cancer, in Capricorn you won’t find a cozy and nestling embrace here. But you can count on structure, discipline and a down-to-earth approach that allows you to manifest your intentions and fulfil your plans. Cardinal in modality, and ruled by Saturn, this is a very ambitious and realistic sign.

Although seriousness and pragmatism can be assets when you’re pursuing your goals, Capricorns can take it too far and sometimes get crushed under cynicism and hopelessness. But when they show their brightest side, they can acknowledge their boundaries and constraints, and use them as containers and guidelines to build their dreams.

Square to Jupiter in Aries

The only degree based aspect of this new moon is a very tight square to the adventurous Jupiter in Aries. The planet of ideals, growth and expansion has recently entered the first sign of the zodiac just last Tuesday, and is still in the very first degree of that sign. This is a very potent degree, where all the impulsivity and bluntness of Aries is encapsulated.

Jupiter augments whatever it touches, and now it’s emphasizing the most pure and raw qualities of Aries, and is simultaneously goading the new moon with those qualities. On the one hand, we have the work, discipline and ambition of Capricorn; on the other, the strength, speed and sheer will of Aries. Both cardinal signs. Both signs of major change and pivotal beginnings.

Do you want to know what Jupiter in Aries means to you personally?
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Saturn in Aquarius still squaring Uranus in Taurus

Saturn, the planet of order and structure, is in charge of this new moon. Saturn is separating from a tension with Uranus, the planet of chaos and rebellion, but this is old news. This aspect has been the background for many of the changes we’ve been through in these last couple of years: established structures falling apart, confusion settling in, while we’re trying to envision and even experiment models for what is coming next.

There were three exact squares between these two planets in 2021, and in October this year they were minutes of arc away of perfecting the aspect one last time. But Saturn moved on, and the aspect is now waning.

Nevertheless, we are still under the influence of this strong collective tension, and because this is the only contact Saturn is making with any other planet during this new moon, this fading square is very relevant to this lunation. We're coming back to this…


A midpoint is the point found halfway between two planets, and it shows us where the energies of the two planets come together and merge to create something new. Any planet with a hard aspect (conjunction, opposition or square) to a midpoint will influence the way those two planets blend with each other.

Square to Saturn/Uranus midpoint

This Capricorn new moon is not just squaring Jupiter in the first degree of Aries, but also squaring the Saturn/Uranus midpoint, three degrees ahead of Jupiter, thus activating it and infusing it with the energy of beginnings.

(Now, this is not the only new moon this year making a hard aspect to Saturn/Uranus midpoint, or with Jupiter at the first degree of Aries. Also, I am by no means an expert in midpoints — that would be my dear friend and colleague Mónica Teixeira —, but I couldn’t help noticing the combination of powerful factors in this new moon.)

So, we have a cardinal new moon ruled by Saturn, receiving a muscular boost from Jupiter,  and activating the Saturn/Uranus midpoint, halfway between the past and the future. Powered by our will and our faith, we are building a long lasting structure that will shape our lives ahead. Not just individually, but also collectively.

New Moon Synthesis

This lunar month isn’t necessarily a happy, smooth and easy time — much on the contrary. We’re going to face frustration, boundaries and constraints, and it will take a lot of willpower, discipline and hard work to get where we want to go. But maybe, if you join other people who have the same dream as you, your work will be levered by the collective effort.

Some helpful questions to ask yourself: What do I want my legacy to be? What structures need to be put in place to help me achieve my goals? Where or to whom can my vision be more helpful? What is already in place that I can use as a base?

You can quit waiting for the perfect conditions and all necessary requirements to be in place. This is as good as it gets, so you better get going. Hold on tight to your dream, roll up your sleeves and start sweating!


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