New Moon in Cancer 2022 — Where we belon ...

New Moon in Cancer 2022 — Where we belong

Jun 27, 2022

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New Moon: 07˚ Cancer 23’ | BST: Jun.29.2022, 03:52 am | EDT: Jun.28.2022, 10:52 pm

The month of June went by really fast. The push forward was very helpful to get some work done—work that was getting behind, for one reason or another. Now you feel that you’re picking up the slack, and things are falling in place again. But if you’ve hit the gas too strongly, you may want to slow down before you exhaust yourself.

At the beginning of this Cancer lunation, things are still moving fast, but now you are asking yourself if this speed is still serving you or not. Is this haste bringing you closer to home or do you feel like you’re getting nowhere while becoming draining of your energy? Eventually, things will slow down, and you’ll want to know where you are.

The sign of Cancer

This is the first water of the zodiac and also a cardinal sign. Cancer gives us the first emotional connections, the notion of family and belonging. Here we find the safety of mother’s bosom, we feel nurtured and accepted, we can rest until we feel restored and ready to go outside again. 

Cancerians will not overtly show their weaknesses,  because they are very defensive and protective of vulnerability in general. Because of this, they are also the keepers of memory, the caretakers of both the young and the old, and the preservers of home and family. 

The ruler of this lunation is the Moon herself, very comfortable in her own domicile. Of course, the mother of mothers and queen of night would find the sweet waters of Cancer a suitable place to call home.

Square to Jupiter in Aries

The only planet aspecting by degree this new moon is Jupiter, that is making a very perfect superior square to luminaries. Being a helpful planet, you’d expect that it would support the Moon. But, because it’s in Aries, it actually is at the service of Mars, co-present with Jupiter itself and  strong in its diurnal territory.

Two real stories

I can’t help but think about the overturning of Roe v. Wade by the U.S. Supreme Court just a couple of days ago. This step backwards takes that country back about 50 years, when a landmark decision by that Court overturned a number of laws that undermined women's privacy and freedom.

Judges, represented by Jupiter, at the service of bullies, who value brute force and male dominance, Mars in Aries, thwarting women’s reproductive rights, ruled by the Moon.

(TW: the next two paragraphs mention child sexual abuse—you may want to skip to Back to the square to Jupiter in Aries.)

On the other hand, and as an example of Jupiter helping out the Moon, the same day in Brazil, a young girl, only eleven years old, victim of rape, was in a hospital having an abortion. The child was initially coerced by a judge to keep going with the pregnancy, and was held in a shelter, separated from her mother against both their wills. Finally, a federal attorney issued a recommendation for the hospital to go ahead with the procedure, which was legal from the start.

Again, we have Jupiter, first the judge, later the federal attorney, enforcing, doing the job of Mars in Aries, first an individual unlawful will, later the law itself, onto the Moon, representing the girl, both as a child and as a pregnant person.

(Although they happened before the new moon, both these cases are great illustrations of the energy of this new moon, as the Sun was already in Cancer approaching the square with Jupiter, and receiving the superior square by sign from Mars.)

Back to the square to Jupiter in Aries

Jupiter is in Aries, copresent with Mars, its dispositor, making a superior square to the new moon, and exerting the martian agenda onto the cancerian themes. This can play out as valuing the hustle more than the selfcare, violently denying different notions of family, abusing those who are weaker. But also, fighting for your family, self-advocating for your right to belong, protecting those you care for.

Things like toxic positivity, telling yourself that you can keep going, believing that you mustn't slow down, may be preventing you from facing your unfulfilled needs, and dealing with your vulnerability. On the flipside, you may feel like it’s time to say no to what isn’t nourishing or fulfilling you, anything or anyone that won’t respect your sensitivity and susceptibility.

Trine to Vesta in Pisces

From the compassionate sign of the Fish, sensible and wise Vesta, the goddess of hearth and home, sends an appeasing ray to this new moon. The first step to nurture yourself and others is to welcome the weaknesses and fragilities that we all have. Honor them, by recognizing and accepting your lunar side. This way you’re also allowing the Sun to shine on the darkest corners of your soul.

New Moon synthesis

They say that it takes a village to raise a child. Not just the parents, not just the family, but the whole village. This means that the community must provide for that child, by supporting the family and the parents’ needs, them being the first family unit. Expanding this idea to the broader symbolism of Cancer, it takes the whole society to protect and nurture the most vulnerable and disempowered.

Personalizing the same idea, family isn’t just made of those that you are connected to by blood. Family are those who, not only see your vulnerability, but also care for your needs and accept your weaknesses. Those who make feel like you belong and that you are worthy being loved.

Who is your family right now? Where do you feel at home? Who is ready to fight for you and who are you ready to fight for? Can you cut away from what or who isn’t feeding your soul anymore? Who accepts your identity and embraces your individuality?

Know where you belong, who your family is. Hold on tight to them, and keep walking. Coming home may take courage and faith, but you know that, once you get there, you’ll find the safety, the acceptance and the love you are craving. Not just you, but everybody that walks with you.

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