New Moon in Aquarius 2022 — Safety net

New Moon in Aquarius 2022 — Safety net

Jan 30, 2022

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{A man walks on a suspension bridge over a forest. The bridge is all made by a net enclosed on all sides except behind him and in front of him.}

New Moon: 12˚ Aquarius 20’ | GMT: Feb.1.2022, 5:46 am | EST: Feb.1.2022, 12:46 am 

This past lunar month was busy, full of events, and brought us further ahead in our path. The simple act of making choices, owning our responsibility and claiming back our power, has made things so much clearer and even manifested.

The Aquarius lunation brings us the feeling of settling down in the newness of it all. Yes, we already know “we’re not in Kansas anymore”, but we are beginning to find a soft place to land in this new scenario.


This is the sign of the geniuses, the astronauts the outcasts. Those who are bold enough to stray from the pack, and end up showing us different ways of being and existing. As the last of the air signs, social issues are a focus for Aquarians, and they know that the future has to be a better place for everyone, not just for some.

Their less bright side is their willingness to go against everyone and everything just for the sake of being different. They might feel tempted to live the fantasy of the rebel who doesn’t comply with any social demands or expectations, eventually exiling themselves from their community.

Conjunction with Saturn in Aquarius

The lord of this lunation is very close to the luminaries, and offers them all the resources they need to fulfill the Aquarian vision. Boundaries are set, choices are made, the path materializes with each step we take, and we are no longer afraid to explore the great unknown.

Square to Uranus in Taurus

The new moon is also in a tense aspect with the planet that has been bringing forth a lot of the changes we are going through, Uranus. Even though the storm is not completely gone, it feels like the waves aren’t as high and we can surf them without great danger to ourselves – at least for now.

One planet to rule them all

All of the traditional planets, except for Jupiter, are in Saturn’s signs. Moon, Sun and Saturn itself are in Aquarius, and Mercury, Venus and Mars are in Capricorn. Discipline, rigor, and constraint are the attributes that will get us far.

It’s a long journey and we need to be smart with our resources. Be sure to plan ahead, share what you can with your fellow travelers, ask for help when you need it and don’t overextend yourself.

Jupiter in Pisces

The greater benefic is in its own rulership, expanding our hearts and our souls to a greater understanding of what it means to be human. The generous and compassionate Jupiter lends a feeling of hope and higher meaning to a scenario that could otherwise be felt as too barren and uncertain.

New Moon Synthesis

It’s not time yet to lower your arms and get the rest you deserve, but you’re allowed to enjoy the glimpses of sunshine and the small successes you find along the way. What big or small victory have you achieved last month? What signs do you have that make you believe in the direction you’re going? Who are the sunbeams in your life that warm up your cloudy moments?

This lunation, don’t look back. All that you’ve lost along the way was only weighing down, anyway. Remember to hold hands with the ones beside you, to share your hopes and your vision with them, and that way you’re going to be each other’s safety net.

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