Lunar Eclipse in Taurus 2022 — Change ca ...

Lunar Eclipse in Taurus 2022 — Change can be simple

Nov 07, 2022

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Full Moon: 16˚ Taurus 01’ | BST: Nov.8.2022, 11:02 am | EDT: Nov.8.2022, 6:02 am | More about the eclipse:

These two weeks since the Scorpio solar eclipse have been charged with confusion, tension and mishaps. As if everything that came up during this time was sucked into another dimension, where things become distorted and shapeless, or just totally out of sight.

Maybe you went after them, and got overwhelmed with a whirlwind of confusion and intensity. Or you were able to keep both feet on the ground, letting go of the drama, but at the same time disengaged from a situation that requires your attention.

None of these responses is right or wrong. It’s only up to you, and you alone, to decide what is possible and feasible in the position that you’re in. And things will eventually become clear and you’ll be able to look at them with definition and discernment, even if they end up to be much more unexpected than you anticipated.

Lunar eclipse

A lunar eclipse always happens with a full moon. In any other full moon the Sun’s rays would brighten the queen of the night, and she would send this light back to the Earth. But in a lunar eclipse the Earth crosses the path between the Moon and the Sun, blocking the sunlight to shine on the surface of the Moon.

Eclipses are always charged with drama and unpredictability because they disturb the natural order of things. This lunar eclipse in Taurus will bring forth what has been boiling in the backstage for the last two weeks, but also for the last six months, since the last solar eclipse in Taurus.

The sign of Taurus

Luna is in Taurus with the North Node, which emphasizes the best and the worst of this sign. Slowing down, taking time for oneself and pleasuring the senses, connecting with nature, cultivating simplicity, patience and stability — these are some of the best features of the Taurean energy.

On the flip side, this sign can be very stubborn, resistant to change, difficult to open up about their feelings and emotions, materialistic, possessive and self-indulgent.

The North Node

The nodes are a magnetic axis, that will push us away from where the South Node is placed, and pull us into the energy where the North Node is positioned. Being a magnetic axis, there is always an unconscious pulsion that makes you reject one direction, while you succumb to the attraction of the other.

In one way or another we are all being pulled towards the best and the worst of Taurus. Think about it as a huge wave. You may choose to use its energy consciously, and surf that wave, allowing it to bring to unknown shores, or you will be dragged with all its might, not being able to discern where it’s coming from and where it’s going.

Conjunction to Uranus in Taurus

The Moon is less than one degree from unpredictable and original Uranus, exacerbating the sudden and unexpected nature of the events that will follow and may turn your life upside down. But what may seem sudden and unexpected from the outside, has actually been in the making for some time under the surface.

Whatever it is, expect for something that feels comfortable, stable or unchangeable to suddenly shift, end or shake, to the point where you have to look for a new center of gravity. Or maybe not a new one, but the real one, inside of yourself.

Maybe you were getting too relaxed in some situation in your life. Perhaps change has already been creeping in, but you’re hanging on to way you’ve always done things. Or it could be that you’re going too fast, and are ignoring the stop sign. Whatever the area of your life Taurus occupies in your chart, you will notice some impact there, and that is where you will feel the urge to become more autonomous and authentic.

Square to Saturn in Aquarius

The planet of structure and reality is squaring this full moon from the visionary sign of Aquarius. This can be your resistance to all the upheaval and uncertainty that you have been feeling, or it can be the will to start building something new and unprecedented.

One thing is certain, in order to move forward, you have to let go of whatever is holding you back. You have to be willing to break with the old ways, with how things have always been done. Are you looking at things the way they actually are, or are you hung up on how you would like them to be?

The building energy of Saturn can only be put to use once you acknowledge reality, and decide what you want, but, more importantly, what you don’t want in your life.

Lunar eclipse synthesis

My favorite word for Taurus is simplicity. Something seemingly out of nowhere may destabilize your life. The best course of action is to simplify. To wait and to simplify.

In what situation are you being too stubborn, too heavy or too attached? Where have you been conscious or unconsciously resisting to move forward? What new things do you keep tearing down, thus boycotting the possibility of building any stability?

Something is going to burst to the surface and it’ll be out in the open so that you can’t ignore it anymore. This will destabilize you, and pressure you to move things around, clean up the house (metaphorically — but maybe literally if you have Aquarius rising), or just to let go of the drama that is weighing you down.

Your life is changing. Our lives are changing. But you already knew that. Only now you have a better idea of “what” is changing. Well, now that you know, remember to keep it simple, to respect your boundaries, and to take good care of yourself. The next eclipse is not until April next year…

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