Wearing Hats

Mar 05, 2024

Freelancers & small biz owners have really crazy hat collections...

We wear the TRADE hat when we're hard at work doing our thing - creating, making, designing, building.

We wear the CLERICAL hat when we're filing, organizing, staying on top of paperwork, and running our office.

We wear the FINANCIAL hat when we have to keep our books, do invoicing, taxes, reports, costing, and budgeting.

We wear the DEVELOPER hat when we're researching, studying, and practicing to keep up with our industry and learn better ways of doing things.

We wear the CUSTOMER SERVICE hat when we engage directly with our clients & our audience, answering questions, consulting, collaborating, & communicating.

We wear the MANAGEMENT hat when we have to step back constantly to look at the bigger picture, make important decisions for future projects, evaluate, plan ahead, and strategize.

We wear the PROMOTIONAL hat when we spend time keeping up our brand's appearance, creating content, presenting our products & services to rest of the world.

We wear the COMMUNITY hat when we represent our business to our friends & neighbors, participate in local activities & events, and use it as a platform to give back to causes that matter to us.

And many others!




When you meet a freelancer who is truly dedicated to what they do, you'll almost never find them without some "hat" on - because for every hour they spend doing their actual work, they spend many more doing all the others things necessary to make their work possible. The creativity and independence that freelancing allows us is what motivates and inspires us to rise to the challenge of juggling so many hats.

If you're a fellow freelancer with a "hat collection" that looks like this, then, hat's off to you! Running a business is no small task - so keep your sense of adventure and determination, and never stop following your passion!

P.S. Share this with a someone you know with a big "hat collection" who can use some encouragement ;)

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