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Unser Sandmännchen premiered in the GDR ...

Unser Sandmännchen premiered in the GDR in 1959

Nov 25, 2021

"Sandmann, lieber Sandmann, es ist noch nicht soweit", the song that starts and ends the short stop-motion film with the Sandmännchen is known to everybody in Germany.

On November 22nd, 1959, "Unser Sandmännchen" first aired in GDR television (DFF). On December 1st, the West German counterpart started his TV career. They quickly became favorites with the children and nobody wanted to go bed with a "Abendgruß" from the little bearded man.

The East German Sandmann, that's still airing today, was designed by Gerhard Behrendt, a stage and costume designer, and the sets and futuristic vehicles were built by Harald Serowski.

After the reunification, the East German Sandmännchen stayed on while the West German one retired. He and his sidekicks, the goblin Pittiplatsch and the duck Schnatterinchen, have reached somewhat of a cult status.

Here is the iconic song (but maybe wait til tonight to listen to it so you don't get sleepy ):

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