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Rudolf Diesel and His Engine

Rudolf Diesel and His Engine

Mar 18, 2021

Rudolf Diesel was born on March 18th, 1858 in Paris to German parents. During the Franco-Prussian War they had to leave France and settled in England. When Rudolf was 12, his mother sent him to Germany to live with relatives. It is there he first said that he wanted to become an engineer. Diesel worked on engines in order to make them more efficient, and started to inject fuel right before the compression stroke's high temperature could ignite the fuel. He ran his engines on peanut oil, and for his "Diesel engine" he received a medal at the World Fair in Paris in 1900.

In 1913, he died under mysterious circumstances at sea. He was on his way from Antwerp to London on a steam boat and disappeared on the first night. It is presumed he drowned, either accidentally, by his own will, or because somebody murdered him.

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