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Fall Calls for Federweißer

Fall Calls for Federweißer

Oct 15, 2021

Federweißer or federweisse is a young white wine, or – to be more accurate – grape juice that just started fermenting. Its technical name is “teilweise gegorener Traubenmost” or ‘partially fermented grape must’. It’s fruity sweet and slightly sparkling.

Federweißer in a Römerglas. tegrafik auf Pixabay

Federweißer literally means “feather white”, called so because of its whitish color and the little yeast particles that float in the drink like little feathers. But depending on the region it is also known as Sturm (storm) in Austria, Neuer Wein (new wine) and Bitzler in Palatinate, Rauscher (intoxicator) in Rhine Hesse, Sauser in Switzerland, and Neuer Süßer (new sweet one) in Alsace. If the wine is made from red grapes, it might be called Federroter, Roter Sauser, or Federweißer Rosé.

Many different foods go with this wine but most often you’ll find it being served with Zwiebelkuchen (onion tart or quiche), Flammkuchen (similar to pizza, from the Alsace), or Laugengebäck (lye pastry like a pretzel).

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